Interface ConnectionProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
DataSourceAdapter, SimpleConnectionProvider, LoggingWrapper, SimpleConProvider

public interface ConnectionProvider

A ConnectionProvider is used by the SQLExecuter class to obtain a connection. The reason why an interface is used is that there are different ways a connection can be obtained - There is the standard JDBC 1 way via Driver classes or the DriverManager, then there is the JDBC 2 way via DataSources, and then some JDBC drivers come with their own implementations of connection pooling which can be used even outside an application server.
The SimpleJdbc framework can be used with any mechanism for creating and managing database connections because it creates connections only through this interface. SimpleConnectionProvider and DataSourceAdapter contain default implementations for the most widely used ways to create database connections, but if none of these fit, you can just build your own.

Method Summary
 java.sql.Connection getConnection()
          This method is called to actually give the connection

Method Detail


public java.sql.Connection getConnection()
                                  throws java.sql.SQLException
This method is called to actually give the connection

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