Interface TXCodeBlock

public interface TXCodeBlock

All code in a TXCodeBlock is performed within a single transaction. An implementation of this interface is passed to the executeTX method of SQLExecuter. This method initializes the transaction, then calls the doTransaction method of the TXCodeBlock. Finally, it commits the transaction or - if an exception occurred - it rolls the transaction back.

Method Summary
 void doTransaction(SQL sql)
          This method is called by the executeTX method of SQLExecuter.

Method Detail


public void doTransaction(SQL sql)
                   throws java.sql.SQLException
This method is called by the executeTX method of SQLExecuter. It contains all operations that are executed in a separate transaction; the transaction starts immediately before this method is calls, and it is ended immediately after this method returns.
sql - is a special implementation of the SQL interface. The methods of this implementation provide the actual database operations to be performed in the transaction.

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